University of Madinah


Islamic University of Madinah

The Islamic University of al-Madinah al-Munawarah, founded in 1961 is in the Islamic sacred city of Madinah. University students may study Sharia, Qur’an, Dawah and Usul al-din, Hadith, and Arabic. The university offers Bachelor of Arts degrees and also Master’s and Doctorate Degrees. The admission is open to every Muslim individual based on scholarships programs and provides accommodation and living expenses. The university also provides Arabic Language for Non-Native speaker Institute for those who do not have basic in this language.

At Madinah College London, we have adapted the syllabus taught in the Arabic Language institute of the Islamic University of Madinah to make it suitable for teaching in the UK. Many of our instructors as well as the visiting scholars are Alumni from the renowned Islamic University of Madinah, and others are graduates from high-performing institutions in Britain.  Every one of our educators are highly qualified within their respective fields.  

First Steps & Important points

Some of the important points mentioned which we would like to emphasise are:

1) Pray salatul-Istikharah! Ask Allah to aid you in this process and give you what’s best.

2) You will have to dedicate 6+ years to studying, 2 years Arabic and 4 years for the degree

3) Get all required documents together before you begin the application.

4) Make sure you complete the application fully within 10 days.

Required Documents

Please see below for required documents. You can also click here to see all the required documents needed to apply for the Islamic University of Madinah.

1. GCSE/A-level Certificate AND Transcript.
2. Character Reference.
3. Birth Certificate.
4. Passport.
5. Identity Card.
6. Medical Letter or Report.
7. Two letters of recommendation (references).
8. Certificate of accepting Islam (for reverts)
9. A passport sized Photograph of the Applicant.


Your documents will need to be translated into Arabic. You have three options to get your documents translated:

1. Using translation companies can be expensive and time consuming.

2. An alternative is to use a PDF editing software like Adobe Acrobat and google translate to get an initial translation which you should then get checked by somebody who speaks Arabic and English to proofread your documents.

3. Madinah College can also help you with translating your documents. Visit us to get your documents translated into Arabic. We have many qualified Arabic Instructors who can translate your document.

Useful tips

1. Make sure you have all your documents BEFORE you start your application. You may be just one document short thinking that you will get it soon and so you decide to start the application. Qadarullah your last document can no longer be issued which now leaves you in a situation where you have 10 days left to find a replacement as the University have clearly stated that you should complete the application within 10 days.

2. Wherever possible, always get documents signed, dated and stamped! This helps show the authenticity of your documents and can strengthen your application.

3. When filling out the online application form do not attempt to write in Arabic when an English option is available. This can cause confusion if you are writing something like your UK home address in Arabic.

4. The application can be long and challenging. You will have to be patient whilst putting your trust in Allah. The path to knowledge is not easy.

Apply Now

You are now ready to apply. Click on ‘Apply Now’ to start your application.