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Ramadhaan, the most vibrant time of the year

Ramadhaan, the most vibrant time of the year, full of competition and cheers. What better occasion to speak of than this blessed month of ours! Prior to the entry of Ramadhaan, I often prepare myself with literature/audios to ensure that I keep to the guidelines of an effective fast. However, this year, as Ramadhaan was…


Dear unsynchronized soul

Dear unsynchronized soul, Your beloved has departed and no nights in worship could have ever made him stay, but still you keep coming back to the place where you first realized that this was love! When the day dragged into a painful separation and when only in the darkness of the night did your heart…

Lectures Motivation Seminars

Attaining Happiness by Shaykh Anees Al Musabi

A seminar on attaining happiness delivered by Shaykh Anees who visited Madinah College with his team in August 2019 The Shaykh explains the way a believer should be during times of trials and how a believer should be when it comes to being sincere when performing actions.


Tips & Tricks for Revision

Tips & Tricks for Revision 1 – Make bullet points for the information you wish to memorize. Don’t write notes for revision in the form of an essay. Summarise! Only write a few examples for each point. Don’t write too many but try to understand them just in case they come. 2 – When reading,…

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A remarkable Qur’an Retreat with MCL

Madinah College hosted a jam-packed Ramadan Retreat this year, which begun on the 25th of May. The two-day retreat was led by Abdul Wahid Stephenson (founder of Madinah College) along with Sharif Zain, who has memorized the whole Qur’an. Ma Shaa Allah. The Ramadan Retreat took part in Gilwell Park, and attendees enjoyed residence in beautifully-built…