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When learning a new language, it is very important to combine between all four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  • – Arabic Grammar, Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Conversation & One to One Intensive Courses
  • – Based on the syllabus taught at the top language institutes in the world
  • – Beginners, intermediate and advanced
  • – Essential learning for every muslim
  • – Rooted in a traditional scholarship approach


Conversational Arabic This conversational Arabic course is based upon the famous book ‘Al-Arabiyyatu bayna yadayk’ , compiled in Egypt and used in most language institutes to teach conversational Arabic to non-natives. Students practise a variety of topics that provide key vocabulary and phrases for everyday conversation.
Arabic Grammar The Arabic course is for students who are interested in developing reading, writing and comprehension skills based on grammatical principles. It offers the student the opportunity to develop high frequency vocabulary from a variety of topics and themes. 

Course Summary

  • 2 years (one year option available)
  • 2 hours a week 
  • 3 term exams and 1 final exam each academic year
  • £300 per academic year (excluding course materials)

Course Features

  • Duration24 week
  • Skill levelall
  • Hours Per Lesson2
  • Day(s)monday or sunday
  • Fees£300 per Year
  • Bayna Yadayk (Conversational Arabic)

    During this course, the student will cover 4 units studying and practicing a variety of topics that will provide key vocabulary and phrases for everyday conversation. The topics that will be covered are:   1. Acquaintances: introducing yourself and others, questions about a person’s background, countries and nationalities. 2. The family: learn vocabulary about the family, talk about different members of your family and their occupations. 3. Residence: learn key vocabulary about housing and general living, learn to exchange details about living circumstances such as the type of house and area you live in etc. 4. Daily routine: learn to talk about your daily routine and general lifestyle including hobbies, chores, work and free time.

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  • Arabic Grammar

    Arabic course is based on the renowned Madinah Book series authored by V. AbdurRaheem and taught in the Islamic University of Madinah. Students cover applied grammar in practice with comprehension, reading and writing activities. It offers students the opportunity to develop a full grasp of the Arabic language and to better understand the Quran and Sunnah.

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