The New Muslim Programme

Courses in this programme

This course consists of three courses combined together in a 3 hour session. These courses will not be available separately, only as a programme.

Arabic Development

Quran Reading

Islamic Studies

Course Overview

Testimonials from previous programme

I think every new and born muslim should do this course. It is really helpful especially for those who are born muslim but were not practicing.
Student, Muslim Beginners Course
It was really beneficial for a beginner & because of being free many joined who otherwise wouldn't have managed to pay fee. The method of teaching was really good and easy to follow. It was really helpful to be provided with material in pdf. جزاكم الله خيرا
A. Saba
Student, Muslim Beginners Course
Alhamdulillah. Thank you so much for Madinah College, Ustad, and team that try to give us the beneficial knowledge in this Dunya and Hereafter. It is very amazing and open my mind mashaAllah.. May Allah repay You All sir with manyfold of His Kindness Allahuma aaamiinn jazakallahu khairan katsiran
Student, Muslim Beginners Course


This programme will be starting on Sunday 14th of March! Applications will be closed on the 13th of March.

Course Fees: £150.00

25% off for Portal Members & students who completed the Beginner Muslim Course.