Quran Memorisation



Course Description
MCL Quran memorisation for adults offers two paths to completing the Qur’an.
Path One: This path is for an individual who is new or of a beginner level when it comes to Qur’an. The aim is to perfect the basics of tajweed coupled with the memorisation of the Qur’an. For this pathway; students are expected to complete the Qur’an within three years.
Path Two (Intensive): The second pathway is for an individual who has either completed the Qur’an or has some level of experience in studying it. Students who want to complete the Quran and attain ijazah in a shorter period of time have one to one private lessons with Munira Mohamed. Students get more individual time and complete the Quran quicker. Students are expected to complete the Quran in just over one year, insha’Allah.


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