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Madinah College specialises in the teaching of Arabic for non-Arabic speakers and works to disseminate knowledge of the Islamic sciences by providing an exceptionally high standard of education. The organisation consists of a centre for Arabic, a centre for Quran and a centre for general Islamic studies. Offering a rich and encompassing exploration of the Islamic sciences, the college has ambitions to establish itself as a leading educational institute that provides research and material support to religious bodies across the country.

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Sharif Zain

Quran and Tajweed Teacher

Shaykh Sharif, a well known Qari and teacher, is the…

Shaykh Faisal Al-Jasim

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor Shaykh Faisal al-Jasem is Madinah College Academic Advisor…

Ustadh AbdulWahid

AbdulWahid Stephenson

Academic Director

AbdulWahid Stephenson has over 15 years teaching experience and has…

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Qari Sharif Zain Ali, head of Qur’an Department, Madinah College

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