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Quran Memorisation & Tajweed






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15 MIN



As the Quran memorisation journey is a unique and personal journey, students are set yearly targets according to their ability. In addition to one to one memorization, students will cover the foundation of tajweed rules such as noon saakin + tanween, characteristic and articulation points of letters. At the end of each term students are expected to complete an exam paper which will cover the topics they learnt during that term. Rooted in a traditional scholarship approach

Students will memorise the Quran with tajweed theory and practice from the poem ‘Tuhfatul Al-Atfaal’ and ‘Al-Jazariyyah’. Classes are small, with just under 12 students per class. 

Course Structure:

Course Summary & Requirements:

Who is the course for?

This Quran Memorisation course is for students who want to memorise the Quran with Tajweed theory and application. 

For beginners who are not familiar with reading the Quran and want to start from the complete beginning, we recommend the beginners course.

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