Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for 2021/22

  1. Students are required to pay the full fees when enrolling. If unable to pay fees in full, students must pay a minimum of 50% of the course fees when enrolling and the remaining 50% at the start of the second term. Anyone with financial difficulties should contact admin on [email protected].
  1. You may only apply for our courses if, to the best of your knowledge, you will be able to complete the full course.
  1. Students are expected to attend all lectures and seminars. Failure to achieve 80% attendance may result in a withdrawal from assessments. Students must email [email protected] or call 020 7346 8640 to inform of any absences due to any health issues or unexpected circumstances. 
  1. Students will need to install Telegram on a mobile or desktop device, as this will be the primary means of communication between teachers and students. 


As a general rule, students will not be refunded once the term starts. However:

  • A full refund will be given if the student wishes to withdraw from the courses(s) prior to the first day of term one (20th September 2021).
  • A partial refund will be given if there are any extenuating circumstances – such as any health issues which prevent you from studying, or bereavement – in which case you must contact admin on [email protected] and provide evidence of your extenuating circumstance as soon as possible. (Admin Fees apply to any refund given)

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