About Madinah College

Madinah College specialises in the teaching of Arabic for non-Arabic speakers and works to disseminate knowledge of the Islamic sciences by providing an exceptionally high standard of education. The organisation consists of a centre for Arabic, a centre for Quran and a centre for general Islamic studies. Offering a rich and encompassing exploration of the Islamic sciences, the college has ambitions to establish itself as a leading educational institute that provides research and material support to religious bodies across the country.

The college is determined to revive the community’s thirst for knowledge by focusing on the provision of high quality, bespoke courses. The instructors are among the most qualified in the world, with many of them being graduates of the prestigious Madina Islamic University.

As well as offering a fun, engaging and structured programme of study at its Saturday Arabic school for children, the college further serves the community by hosting regular conferences and seminars with visiting scholars and academics from the Muslim world. It also aims to invest in the future of Islamic education by awarding scholarships to trainee teachers.

The college is proud to welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of their ability or experience. All courses are available from beginner to advanced level.

Support the College

Donating to Madinah College is a way to develop the next generation of Muslims who will make a positive difference in the UK.