6 Questions on Imam Nawawi’s Forty Hadith 

As an introduction to the course, here are 6 important facts about the author and the book, translated and summarised from ‘Al-Daleel ilal-Mutoon al-’ilmiyyah’ by Abdulazziz ibn Ibrahim ibn Qasim

What is the full name of the book? 

It is called ‘Forty [Hadith] on the Foundations of Islam and the Principles of Ahkam’ (Al-Arba’oon fi Mabani Al-Islam wa-Qawa’id al-Ahkam)

Do you know the full name of the author? 

It was written by the Imam Muhyi al-Din Abu Zakaria Yahya Ibn Sharaf al-Nawawī, died in the year 676 AH (may Allah’s Mercy on him)

Exactly how many Hadith does it contain?

It is a renowned text containing forty-two ahadith (traditions of the Prophet Muhammad – may Allah’s peace be upon him) without the isnad (chain of transmission)in different categories of knowledge. 

What is the subject of Imam Nawawi’s collection?

Every hadith from the collection is an important foundation in the fundamentals of the Deen. It is necessary for every seeker of paradise to learn these ahadith for their significance and comprehensiveness. 

What year did Imam Nawawi complete the book?

He completed it on Thursday 29th Jumada al-’Uwlaa in the year 668 AH, just eight years before he passed away. 

What is the original book that Imam Nawawi based his Forty Hadith on?

The basis of Imam Nawawi’s collection was 26 hadith originally dictated by the Hafidh Abu ‘Amr Uthman ibn Abdulrahman Ibn Salah (643AH), which he called ‘Universal Ahadith’ (al-Ahadith al-Kuliyyah) and about which it was said: The deen is centred on these ahadith.  Imam Nawawi added 16 hadith to make the total 42 and called his book ‘Forty [Hadith]’ (Al-Arba’oon). His Forty Hadith became renowned and generations of students of knowledge memorised and benefited from them. 

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