Tips & Tricks for Revision

Tips & Tricks for Revision

1 – Make bullet points for the information you wish to memorize. Don’t write notes for revision in the form of an essay. Summarise!

Only write a few examples for each point. Don’t write too many but try to understand them just in case they come.

2 – When reading, ensure to read the text more than once. Try to read over the text you are trying to understand at least 5 – 10 times. Every time you read and go over the text you may extract something you missed the first time around.

3 – Write questions and answers with your friends. This is a fantastic form of fun revision. Use WhatsApp, Facebook and other forms of modern day technology to your advantage. Perhaps you can take it in turns to ask and subsequently answer questions. This is healthy competition.

4 – Select a wise time to revise. Don’t revise when you are preoccupied with other things or late at night. Select those optimal times during the day where you can commit yourself to revise.

5 – Limit the time you revise in manageable time frames. 20mins a time will keep you engaged and the information will be digestible.

6 – Test yourself! Extract questions from the book and answer them. Once you’ve finished, check your answers. You don’t need anyone for this. Go through each chapter in the book and put yourself in the teacher’s shoes. Say to yourself, “if I was the teacher, what would I ask the students?”

7 – Flash cards are great forms of notes taking. They are small and will ensure that you keep your notes short and concise. Use different colours as this helps remember things. When you read your notes, try and close your eyes and visualise what you’ve written.

8 – Record yourself reading your notes on your phone and listen to it when you’re on the go. The key to memorizing other than being sincere and applying some of the points above is repetition. We digest information in different ways; reading it, writing it and listening to it. For those who learn better via listening, keep listening to your voice notes and this should help you tremendously inshaAllaah.

And with Allah lies all success.

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