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O’ Blessed Month of Ramadhan

Isn’t it entrancing how all of the months of the year pass by, with us paying little heed to their fleeting nature? But, Ramadhan is different. Yet, the same with the manner in which it rushes past us like all of the other months of our life. If you were to ask me to explain…

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Attaining Happiness by Shaykh Anees Al Musabi

A seminar on attaining happiness delivered by Shaykh Anees who visited Madinah College with his team in August 2019 The Shaykh explains the way a believer should be during times of trials and how a believer should be when it comes to being sincere when performing actions.

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Top 5 tips for Memorising the Quran

Top 5 tips for Memorising the Quran Here are our Female Quran Teacher’s top 5 tips to memorising the Quran: Intention: Approach the Book of Allah with a pure intention. Continuously do self-reflection and self-evaluation. What are you trying to gain by memorising the book of Allah? Are you genuinely trying to draw closer to…