In Pursuit of Money

First, let’s start by getting a good understanding of the function of wealth and money. It allows you to add value and to improve the lives of others by improving your own life. Allah created the world with enough resources to suffice everybody.  Each person is given varying resources and levels of wealth. At the same time, they have varying needs and desires, and the way to attain what you may want is through agreements and contracts so that wealth circulates and acts in the interests of humanity 

It is important to understand money is a tool that comes with responsibility.  Success is not measured by money but by applying it to doing good, so that he sees the fruits in this life and the next. Is there any benefit of working hard to amass a fortune when you could die at any time and leave it all behind, only then to face punishment and disgrace in the afterlife for not earning it from halal sources or giving the due zakat on it? The truly rich man arranges his affairs to ensure that his wealth does good during his life, as well as being a source of benefit after his life. 

Therefore, the key to understanding wealth and prosperity is to first know that you can’t take it with you when you die.  In the afterlife, it is irrelevant what you may have missed out on or lost out on in regard to wealth and material matters. Which is why having a firm belief in divine decree is a pillar of faith, as it allows you to understand that every calamity or blessing on the earth is decreed. So that you do not despair over what you lost out on and also do not boast over what you were given (Hadid: 22-23). 

Second is to understand that money and wealth isn’t something you own, but something which is occupying a temporary place under your stewardship. The wealth you have today was the wealth somebody left behind.  When you die, you will leave it behind and it will pass on to somebody else. This is the flow of wealth, from you into the agency of somebody else. Therefore, act ethically at all times and learn that there are two circles: the circle of halal and the circle of haram. Always avoid the haram circle and learn the principles and rules of money in the halal circle. It is something that you will be asked about on the day when everybody will be paid fairly for their worldly works.  

Allah is the sovereign, wealth and money is a trust that you manage. Therefore, you cannot cause harm with the purpose of acquiring money.  Don’t encroach on others property, violate the law, or damage the environment. Don’t lie, insult, or cheat in the pursuit of money. Fundamentally important for every believer is the belief that Allah determines what a person will obtain in this life, or riches or a lack of. He is the Provider of abundance. When you take this as the foundation, you will understand that Rizq is much more than merely material wealth. It encompasses feelings of contentment and peace in the decree of Allah. 

Finally, wealth is a source of benefit for the believer in this life and the afterlife, so make the dua for rizq and take the permissible means in pursuit of its acquisition.   

Oh Allah, I ask of you for beneficial knowledge, good provision and deeds that are accepted



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