Ramadhaan, the most vibrant time of the year

Ramadhaan, the most vibrant time of the year, full of competition and cheers. What better occasion to speak of than this blessed month of ours!

Prior to the entry of Ramadhaan, I often prepare myself with literature/audios to ensure that I keep to the guidelines of an effective fast. However, this year, as Ramadhaan was drawing nearer I was a bit skeptical as to what areas I really wanted to work on; and in all honesty the opportunities were so vast.

In recently being diagnosed with a mental health condition, it was important for me to understand priorities, and the leniencies Allaah provided for me in terms of concession and alternatives. By far this Ramadhaan was the best ever. And in my opinion, with the presence of covid-19, there were so many lessons that we as Muslims could learn, as well as be able to record as being a part of our history and rise of the Fuqahaa.

It sounds like a golden era, doesn’t it? Or at least it did for me. Don’t get me wrong there was panick, but remembering death also helped me return back to our religion and chip away the insincerities I may have developed over time. I felt anew, and the Sunnah acts, which was being forgotten, became an opportunity to revive through bringing us back to our basics and practice, and All praise and thanks are to Allaah, by whose favours all good things are perfected.
We saw the eagerness of every individual, to venture by means of strife and seeking rulings by way of knowledge in pursuit of Allaah’s pleasure. Social distancing, isolation, congregations, and natural human contact became a hot topic of discussion- strangely more-so than the possible topics of seclusion with Allaah, and building sincerity and thanks through tawakkul (trust and reliance upon Allaah), tawassul (means of drawing nearness to Allaah), and tadabbur (reflections and preponderance).

I realized that the period of isolation was a period of realization of how busied we are from the remembrance of Al-Wadood (The Loving One and Beloved One). That social media and pressures has caused us to loose sincerity to ourselves and became a product of western traditions. Reduction in social interaction- helped us to stop, and look out the window- reflect and appreciate the beauty of Allaah’s creation, and ponder about our purpose of being. I personally learnt that the earth that surrounded me (as concreate may often conceal) had an opportunity to replenish its stock.

‘And on the earth are signs for the certain. And in yourselves. Then will you not see. And in the heavens is your provision and what you are promised’ [Surah Dhaariyaat: 20-22]

Until His saying:

‘And I did not create Jinn and mankind except to worship Me.’ [Surah Dhaariyaat: 51]

Fruit bearing trees began to yield blossoms quickly, wildlife started to re-emerge and the air seemed more delicate without the cloudiness of excess fumes from vehicles. What fascinated me most is that MSN* later produced an article which mentioned that a white tailed eagle deemed to have been extinct in UK for over 240 years, had just been spotted! Subhaanallaah. It made me question- whether our social addictions caused us to deprive even the least of animals their rights, or even maintain environmental care. Freetime enabled us to take notice of those within our households and appreciate ascetic way of living to be able to value their company even more. ‘Social disorientation’ reminded us to appreciate the guidance of Allaah, through the Qur’aan and Sunnah, to love the bearers of knowledge, and eagerly strive to remain steadfast on the way of guidance at a time of social reform. What better time for this reminder to come except during a month of freedom, forgiveness and mercy, a month of Qira’aat and a’maal.

I saw in my experience, Ramadhaan as an opportunity to self-evaluate, and strive to return to the basics of sincerity and gratitude as a provision for my journery to Allaah. It also enabled me to focus on the concepts that Abu Darda and Salmaan Al Farsi discussed in the well-known hadeeth of precedential rights, as well as a a zeal to focus on the renewal of my emaan in our hearts to be able to work towards our goals in life.

Being unable to gather may have been a trial for us as Muslims this Ramadhaan. However, the hope to be able to meet each other one day, in a greater sitting before Ar-Rahmaan is a meeting we very much long. May Allaah make us all from amongst them.

by Halima Khanom
(Post Ramadhan Entree)

(*Not cited with intent for commercial use)

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