O’ Blessed Month of Ramadhan

Isn’t it entrancing how all of the months of the year pass by, with us paying little heed to their fleeting nature? But, Ramadhan is different.

Yet, the same with the manner in which it rushes past us like all of the other months of our life. If you were to ask me to explain to you some of the most pivotal moments of my life I would quite categorically tell you, Ramadhan.

Oh Ramadhan,

The month in which one finds what others spend their whole lives searching for, the month which bared its secrets with those that wished to seek it, the month in which if others knew the level of joy that worshipping Him brings- they would fight you for it, the month in which the remnants of sin were to be dusted off again, the month in which Allah healed the broken and guided the lost, the month in which old dreams were to be sought again and hoping in the most hopeless of places became hopeful again, the month in which the Grandeur and Might of a Merciful Lord broke through the crevices of a perception that I once knew. Ramadhan, the
month in which nothing mattered but the relationship with my Lord.

Do you still remember the last 10 nights as though it were last week? And, how furiously they were to be sought, so furiously that the Night of Decree could not escape your efforts.

Oh, there is nothing quite like it.

The nights spent in worship, with bloodshot eyes and nothing but the Grace of your Lord to keep you going. But, why? Is it because nothing is sweeter than seeking the Face of your Lord? Is it because nothing is sweeter than devoting your life to worshipping Him? Is it because nothing is sweeter than losing yourself in supplication to Him? Nothing is sweeter than that, is it? Nothing will ever be sweeter than worshiping Allah with a sincere devotion. Nothing will ever be sweeter than worshiping Him as if tonight were your last night, that if you were to die, you would die right there in sujood. Nothing could ever be sweeter than that, nothing could ever be sweeter than worshipping your Lord even when the pangs of sleeplessness begin to tug on your garment and your eyes become heavy, so heavy that the beating of your heart begins to intensify, serving as reminder that you were created to worship Him.

Oh, so, sweet.

But, now that the month is over, the profound sweetness that can only be felt in obedience to Allah- will not be a thing you and I wait all year searching for; because we can find it now, we can find it today while striving to attain the pleasure of Allah. We can find it through consistency, no matter how small the act you wish to do. So, join me and tire not in seeking for it outside of Ramadhan.

Seek for it in the night prayers, seek for it in tadabbur of the Qur’an, seek for it in tahajjud, seek for it while fasting Mondays and Thursdays, seek for it while hoping in the impossible from your Lord in du’a, seek for it by helping your parents. So, seek for it my friend, for it is certainly a thing to be sought after. And, if ever you think you’ve lost it, remember, it’s closer than you think. Then, seek istighfaar and try again. For, I swear, nothing is sweeter than worshipping your Lord even when comfort is calling you.

So, know my friend, Ramadhan is not the end. Rather, it is the beginning of a heart blossoming with sincerity and tawakkul in The One that created it.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said

“The acts most pleasing to Allah are those which are done continuously, even if they are small.”

by Umm Musa
(Post Ramadhan Entree)

(*Not cited with intent for commercial use)

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