Seeking Knowledge in Islam

From a lecture delivered by Shaykh AbdulWahid Stephenson with sisters.solidarity_

  1. Knowledge is virtuous. Those who seek knowledge, their place in this life and the next is high. The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets.
  2. Take knowledge from its people. Seek knowledge from the senior scholars who have spent a long time seeking knowledge. Do not just take knowledge from any random person.
  3. Knowledge is sought and doesn’t seek. Go out and make some effort to seek knowledge with the correct etiquette. Seek knowledge to remove ignorance from yourself and to worship Allah upon clarity.
  4. Seeking knowledge is a journey and requires patience. Knowledge of Islam is a like a sea with no shore. Persevere on this noble path, seeking reward from Allah.
  5. Always make dua. Allah is the one who can make things easy, therefore, constantly ask Him to give you understanding of the deen. Take action to acquire beneficial knowledge, don’t just ask Allah and sit down.
  6. Benefit others from what you have. Teaching is a way to revise anything you learn. Without going out of your lane, benefit others in your family, friends, or community with that which you have learned. Always refer back to your teacher if you have any questions.
  7. Schedule/ Routine for the average Muslim.
    • Start your day with the Quran – memorisation or revision. Study the Quran with a teacher.
    • Study Arabic constantly to understand the Quran.
    • Take a topic/ a book and study it through an online institute, at the masjid, or through any other means.

Final Words of Advice

You have a big task ahead of you. As a practicing Muslimah, it is not sufficient to practice your religion without knowledge. Recognise that you need to learn your religion to know why you are doing what you do (e.g hijab, young marriage, etc.). There are not enough female students of knowledge in the west, and they are very much needed. Make an intention to seek knowledge and teach it for the sake of Allah. Make sure that the next generation of Muslim girls have female mentors that they can go to for advice and to ask questions.

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