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Madinah College at Goldsmiths University

Madinah College in partnership with Goldsmiths University ISOC held a short course on the foundations of Islam. The short course is prepared and delivered by Abdulwahid Stephenson, Shar’iah Graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah and founder of Madinah College London. It consists of 5 concise and comprehensive lectures on the sources of revelation, Islam,…

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Top 5 tips for Memorising the Quran

Top 5 tips for Memorising the Quran Here are our Female Quran Teacher’s top 5 tips to memorising the Quran: Intention: Approach the Book of Allah with a pure intention. Continuously do self-reflection and self-evaluation. What are you trying to gain by memorising the book of Allah? Are you genuinely trying to draw closer to…

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10 Effective Study Tips for Learning Arabic

‘How to learn the Arabic language’ in a AFL (Arabic as a foreign language) setting Ismael Eccleston completed his ‘BA’ in English (sociolinguistics and literature) and Arabic (language) at SOAS University. He has studied Classical and Modern Standard Arabic in Egypt and has published an essay entitled ‘The stylistic differences in Arabic poetry from Jahiliyah…

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A remarkable Qur’an Retreat with MCL

Madinah College hosted a jam-packed Ramadan Retreat this year, which begun on the 25th of May. The two-day retreat was led by Abdul Wahid Stephenson (founder of Madinah College) along with Sharif Zain, who has memorized the whole Qur’an. Ma Shaa Allah. The Ramadan Retreat took part in Gilwell Park, and attendees enjoyed residence in beautifully-built…